TV technology has been evolving rapidly. From CRTs to LCD to LED and now OLED, the display technology has changed drastically in a matter of a few years. Not to mention the various acronymns that are currently used for picture quality – HD, UHD, 4K.

All of this can seem like too much information to process while making a buying decision. Especially when that decision can cost as much as a few lakhs. With a little research however, you can quickly improve your knowledge on this topic. This can make your buying decision more informed. You will also not fall prey to common marketing tactics used by TV manufacturers.

Our aim with these informational articles is to provide you with the best resources for understanding LED TV technology in India. We will demystify and simply some of the common technological terms used in the LED TV industry to help you make a more informed decision.

To start off with, check out our article on Edge lit vs Backlit TVs. This article dives into one of the most basic LED TV classifications which you might not have even heard of. Spoiler alert: it makes a difference in the looks, performance and price of your TV. However, it is not something that TV manufacturers want you to know about.

Also check out our article explaining LED TV refresh rates. Refresh rate is an oft touted concept by TV manufacturers. There is a perception that bigger is always better in this case. We break down the basics of refresh rates and you can find out if bigger is indeed always better from this article.

OLED TVs are a recent display technology that promise to revolutionize the TV display standards. They have better contrast ratios and more uniform brightness from edge to edge. Check out our article on what OLED TV technology is and some of the frequently asked questions related to OLED.

We also recently covered the issue of OLED TV Screen Burn-In to give you all the facts related to this “burning” issue about OLED TVs.

AS a competitor to OLED TV technology, Samsung, TCL and Hisense have been pushing QLED technology. QLED technology involves the use of Quantum dots which improve the colors and brightness of your TV. Read all about the technology in our article on what QLED technology is. We have also compiled a list of FAQs about QLED technology in the same article.