Best OLED TVs in India – Introduction

OLED (Organic LED) is the latst display technology available for Televisions in India. OLED is currently competing against QLED to become the next dominant display technology.

Best OLED TVs in India for 2019 – the List

Before we get into the details of all the products in our list of the Best OLED TVs in India, lets take a quick look at all the products which are in our list.

Best OLED TVs in India – List

Product NameScreen SizeCheck on AmazonCheck on Flipkart
Sony Bravia OLED TV KD-55A8G55 inches
Sony Bravia OLED TV KD-65A8G65 inches
LG OLED Smart TV OLED55C8PTA55 inches
LG OLED Smart TV OLED65B8PTA65 inches
METZ OLED TV M55S9A55 inchesNot available

Best 55 Inch OLED TV in India

Sony Bravia KD-55A8G

Best OLED TVs in India - Best 55 Inch OLED TV in India - Sony Bravia OLED TV KD-55A8G

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Pros & Cons
  • Sophisticated display technology
  • Acoustic audio technology
  • IR Blaster Remote

  • Expensive

Introduction: Sony have proven themselves to be the leaders in India when it comes to OLED Televisions. This model, the KD-55A8G is the current champion when it comes to 55 inch OLED TVs in India. Although this is also due to the current low level of competition in the OLED TV category, we cannot deny that this TV performs really well in the all the parameters we judged it on. It remains to be seen if other manufacturers will step up and release their OLED offerings in India soon. For now, lets look at the Bravia KD-55A8G in more detail and see how it performs.

Picture Quality: The main strong point of OLED displays is their picture quality. The Sony Bravia KD-55A8G is packed with display technology that will make your viewing experience unique. First and foremost is the OLED display. OLED or Organic LED dislpay is a technology that relies on organic compounds as the light source for your screen. The Organic LEDs are much smaller in comparsion to solid-state LEDs. They have an additional advantage that can be completely turned off. The ability to turn off completely leads to completely dark blacks, something that cannot be achieved with a regular LED TV. The contrast ratios on the KD-55A8G therefore are literally infinity and you will immediately see this difference. The Sony Bravia also has specific technology to combat OLED burn-in, something that can happen if you watch a TV channel that continuously displays a static logo for a very long time.

Apart from a high quality image from the OLED display, the Sony Bravia KD-55A8G has a host of other display technologies designed to improve the viewing experience. The TV has Dolby Vision, an internationally recognized technology that brings theater like picture quality to your TV via improved contrast, color balance and a sharper image.

The X1 Extreme processor on-board the TV is one of the fastest and best performing TV processors. This processor constantly analyzes the incoming picture and improves it according to machine learning algorithms it has previously been trained on. Also please note that this TV has a 4K resolution and supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) video as well.

Sound Quality: Sound on the Sony Bravia KD-55A8G is delivered via the innovative Acoustic Surface Audio technology. In this technology, there are two actuators located right behind the screen. They trigger the sound the moves within the picture and is not just sent from behind the TV. This makes the sound much more realistic and in tune with the action on screen. The total sound output from this TV is 40 watts.

Smart TV Features: Sony has put in a lot of effort in making this TV very easy for customers to work with. We love our TVs to be as easy to operate as possible and Sony has ensured this with multiple Smart TV features on-board the Bravia KD-55A8G.

This is an Android certified TV and comes pre-loaded with the Google Play Store for TV apps using which you can install all the content apps that you need. Netflix is pre-loaded on the TV and the remote even has a dedicated Netflix button for easy access. With a recent update you can also watch Amazon Prime Video on this TV which is currently the most cost effective content subscription in India.

Another cool feature on this Sony Bravia is the provision of an IR blaster. The IR blaster functions as a universal remote and you can use it to control your DTH box. This eliminates the need for multiple remotes.

In case you are familiar with either Google Assistant or Alexa, the Sony 55-A8G will work seamlessly with either. If you are used to working with Alexa via an Echo speaker, you can use the speaker to turn your TV on, play/pause programmes, change channels and more. With Android TV onboard, you will also be able to use Google Assistant to search for content and play your favorite YouTube videos without having to type anything.

Warranty: This Sony TV comes with a 1 year warranty and most e-commerce platforms will also give you a 10 day window for replacing the TV in case you are not satisfied with it.

Best 65 Inch OLED TV in India

Sony Bravia KD-65A8G

Best OLED TVs in India - Best 65 Inch OLED TV in India - Sony Bravia OLED TV KD-65A8G

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Pros & Cons
  • Sophisticated display technology
  • Acoustic audio technology
  • IR Blaster Remote

  • Expensive

Introduction: In our minds, Sony is the king of high-end Televisions in India. In other countries, brands like Panasonic and LG have made inroads, but in India, the Bravia series continues to dominate with their technological brilliance and features made to suit Indian consumers. In the 65 inch segment, the KD-65AG model stands tall. It is the latest 2019 model in this segment and is loaded with more features than its 2018 model – the KD-65AF. So what makes this model the best 65 inch OLED TV in India? Exemplary picture and sound quality, innovative technologies like Acoustic Surface Audio and Dolby Vision, designed to make your TV viewing experience more like a movie theater and of course the nice Smart TV touches like being compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and having Android TV on board. Lets look at the KD-65AF in more detail.

Picture Quality: OLEDs are the next quantum leap in TV display technology. LED + LCD display technology has been around for a while now. OLED promises much better picture quality as compared to LED with amazing contrast ratios and deep blacks that an LED TV is just incapable of producing.

On this Sony TV, along with the benefits of OLED, you also have Dolby Vision and the Triluminous display available. Dolby have been around for a long time and their proprietary sound optimization has been seen in movie theaters and TVs for a while now. They are bringing the same expertise to TV displays and the picture quality is enhanced with beter contrast and color reproduction. The Sony Bravia also has an on-board X1 processor which continuously analyzes the incoming picture and improves it based on machine learning algorithms to provide you with the best picture.

Sound Quality: Sound is delivered on the KD-65A8 with a technology that Sony has termed as Acoustic Surface Audio. With the Acoustic Surface Audio technology, sound is delivered not only through speakers but is delivered right from the surface of your TV. This is achieved through actuators which are right behind the display. As a result, the sound closely follows the action on screen and makes the experience more realistic.

Smart TV Features: Apart from the on-board technology, Sony TVs are great at making features that appeal to Indian consumers by making the TV watching experience easier. Modern technolgy has not necessarily simplified things when it comes to accessing technology but the Sony TVs do a great job with this.

A recent frustration for most Indian consumers was being unable to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video easily on the same TV due to a compatibility issue. A recent update has fixed that and you can now enjoy both streaming content platforms on your Sony Bravia. The KD-65A8 comes with Android TV technology which places at your disposal a whole set of content apps that you can download and get started with immediately.

The TV remote comes with an in-built IR blaster. IR stands for Infra Red. Most electronics are compatible with IR. This means that you can use the same remote to control your DTH Set Top Box. No more juggling with multiple remotes!

If you wish to be free of button mashing completely, the Sony Bravia also comes equipped with in-built support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can use your Alexa enabled Echo speaker to remotely turn on your TV, pause and even change the channel.

Warranty: Sony provides a 1 year warranty on the KD-65AG TV and you should get a free replacement period of atleast a week if you order the TV from an e-commerce platform like Amazon.

Best 55 Inch Sony OLED TV in India

Best OLED TVs in India - Best 55 Inch Sony OLED TV in India - Sony Bravia OLED TV KD-55A8G

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The Sony Bravia KD-55A8G is the best 55 inch OLED TV in India currently. We have a detailed review of this TV in this article.

Best 65 Inch Sony OLED TV in India

Best OLED TVs in India - Best 65 Inch Sony OLED TV in India - Sony Bravia OLED TV KD-65A8G

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The Sony Bravia KD-65AF is the best 55 inch OLED TV in India currently. We have a detailed review of the KD-65AF TV in this article.

Best 55 Inch LG OLED TV in India


Best OLED TVs in India - Best 55 Inch LG OLED TV in India - LG OLED Smart TV OLED55C8PTA

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Pros & Cons
  • LG ThinQ AI is a refined technology
  • Netflix certified TV

  • Expensive

Introduction: Technology wise, LG is one of the leaders when it comes to Television displays. The original OLED display technology infact was invented by LG and currently they are the panel providers of OLED displays for all other manufacturers. LG TVs are known to be reliable performers. In the OLED55C8PTA model, they have brought a mix of high-end technology and user-friendly features to create an attractive product. We rank Sony higher than LG only due to the sheer number of features available on the Sony which enhance the viewing experience.

Picture Quality: OLEDs as we know are the next generation when it comes to Television displays. OLEDs have the advantage of being an emissive technology. This means that each pixel can be individually turned on and off. This provides the opportunity for getting perfect blacks and an infinite contrast ratio. Along with the OLED technology, this LG TV comes with 4K HDR resolution that supports multiple HDR formats. The TV also has an upscaler that upscales any lower resolution input into 4K.

There are multiple picture modes available on this TV and the care towards customizing them for Indian customers is evident from the ‘Cricket’ mode. This TV also has Dolby Vision onboard. Dolby Vision is a proprietary image quality technology that makes your TV viewing experience more cinematic.

Sound Quality: The total sound output from the LG OLED55C8PTA is 40W which has a 20W Sub Woofer included to provide a strong bass line. Along with this strong sound output, there is Dolby Atmos technology available on-board. Dolby Atmos is the latest Surround Sound technology developed by Dolby. Dolby Atmos technology is able to read the spatial characteristic of the sound track and thus the sound is delivered from different locations based on where the action is occurring on-screen. This provides a more realistic sound representation.

Smart TV Features: With Smart TV features are turning into the biggest differentiator when it comes to TVs in India today, LG has put in a lot of effort in making their Smart TV features appealing to Indian customers.

LGs ThinQ AI is the showpiece Smart TV feature that LG is backing on their TVs. ThinQ AI is built using Google Assistant technology but goes way beyond that. Even when offline, you can access over 800 commands on your OLED55C8PTA TV. From changing the channel to seeing specific photos on your Google Photos account, the ThinQ AI can help with it all. In a day and age when retrieval of information is a bigger challenge than storing it, the ThinQ AI is a great help. The voice commands are easy to get used to and features like turning off the screen to listen to music only and setting sleep timers based on the current programs are genius features.

Apart from the ThinQ AI on-board, LG as also gotten itself Netflix certified. You will have a dedicated Netflix button available on your remote control and the latest version of Netflix installed on the TV when you receive it. Another cool feature available is the ability to have a mobile overlay. You can connect your phone and see its display live on the TV while the regular TV is playing in the background. This is great when you are searching for something to cast on your TV.

Warranty: LG has a 1 year comprehensive warranty available for the OLED55C8PTA model. When you purchase the TV on Amazon, you will also be eligible to inspect the item after opening the box and have a 10 day return window if there is something wrong with your TV.

Best 65 Inch LG OLED TV in India


Best OLED TVs in India - Best 65 Inch LG OLED TV in India - LG OLED Smart TV OLED65B8PTA

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Pros & Cons
  • LG ThinQ AI is a refined technology
  • Netflix certified TV

  • Expensive

Introduction: The OLED65B8PTA model is LG’s offering in the 65 inch OLED space. This TV has great features for display and sound and comes at a lower price tag than a comparable Sony model. We dive into the features and benefits of this TV in our detailed review to find out why its worthy of your consideration.

Picture Quality: 4K resolution, automatic 4K upscaling and multiple HDR format support. These are by now, the bare minimum necessities for any TV model to compete in the marketplace. The LG OLED65B8PTA has all these and more. The showpiece in the display front is ofcourse the OLED technology. OLED as a technology is very different from LED TVs. OLEDs provide precise pixel level control of the picture by virtue of being an emissive technology. This means that each pixel can be turned off as needed. This provides you with the perfect blacks and leads to an amazing contrast ration on-screen.

LG are pioneers of the OLED technology and infact are currently the sole patent holders for OLED display panels. This means that they are the sole suppliers for OLED display panels for all other manufacturers as well. Mastery over this technology has led to multiple accolades for LG. They are the World’s best selling OLED TV brand since 2013. They have also received the best of show award at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2018.

Apart from 4K, HDR and OLED, there are other technologies on=board to make your viewing experience better. The OLED65B8PTA TV has an Alpha7 processor on-board. The function of the processor is to continuusly analyse the incoming picture and improve upon it if required. This is particularly useful when the incoming picture is not 4K resolution and needs to be upcycled. Dolby vision is also available on the TV. Dolby vision is an image format that improves upon the picture on your TV by providing it with a greater number of colors and vividness.

Sound Quality: To complement the on-board Dolby Vision technolog, the OLED65B8PTA TV also has Dolby Atmos available. Dolby Atmos is a surround sound format which improves the spatial availability of sound. This means that you will be able to hear sounds from specific parts of the screen based on where the action is taking place. This makes the experience more vivid. This technology is already being used in movie theatres and is equally thrilling when used at home. The total sound output from the OLED65B8PTA TV comes in at 40 Watts.

Smart TV Features: LG has put in a lot of effort in improving their Smart TV features. As consumers, we are becoming more demanding of manufacturers when it comes to convenience and ease of use of all the available features on our TVs. With the advent of Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, manufacturers also have access to the necessary tools to make their interfaces more intuitive and easier to use. LG has made use of Google Assistant in this TV and built upon it to make the TV much easier to use, even when you are not connected to the internet.

The voice command feature on the OLED65B8PTA is called LG ThinQ AI. ThinQ AI is built upon Google Assistant and adds in hundreds of commands to help you control your TV and get information from it in a more intuitive manner. Some of the actions you can perform using ThinQ AI are – change channels, turn on the gaming console, view specific photos from Google Photos, turn off the display for audio-only mode, put on a sleep timer to switch off the TV and many others. The voice recognition capability is smooth and works well in most cases. A huge advantange is that the ThinQ AI is also available in offline mode.

The LG OLED65B8PTA TV is also Netflix certified. This means that your TV remote will come with a dedicated Netflix button and is guaranteed to have the latest version of the Netflix app installed. You can also connect your mobile phone to the TV and view the mobile screen as an overlay while the TV plays in the background. This is particularly useful when you are looking to cast some content on the TV. Searching for it on the big screen is a lot easier than on the mobile phone itself.

Warranty: You will get a comprehensive warranty of 1 year on the OLED65B8PTA. Along with this, most e-commerce platforms will provide you with a 10 day free return in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Most affordable 55 inch OLED TV in India

Metz M55S9A

Best OLED TVs in India - Most affordable 55 inch OLED TV in India - METZ OLED TV M55S9A
Pros & Cons
  • Great display panel
  • Most affordable OLED in India

  • TV interface is not refined

Introduction: Metz is one of the latest entrants to the Indian Television market. As a brand, they have been around for over 80 years. Metz brings with them the promise of German quality and efficiency. Currently, they are one of only three brands which are offering OLED TVs in India. As a brand, they are offering their TVs at a significantly lower price point as compared to Sony and LG. The 55 inch TV offered by Metz is the M55S9A model which is currently available exclusively on Amazon. Lets see in our detailed review if the product is as good as the price.

Picture Quality: The primary attraction of the M55S9A TV is the availability of OLED TV display technology at a much lower price as compared to its competitors. OLED technology is the latest game changing technology in terms of TV display. The last such game changing innovation was probably over 10 years ago when flat screen TVs were introduced, replacing Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology. OLED has similar game changing potential. This is due to the much better picture quality available using OLED technology. The main advantage of OLEDs is that they provide pixel level picture control with the ability to turn individual pixels completely off. This can produce perfect blacks and amazing contrast ratios which is simply not possible with current LED TV technology.

Along with the OLED technology available, this M55S9A Metz TV also has 4K resolution and inbuilt HDR support. 4K refers to the number of pixels the TV is able to display on-screen. 4K is the current benchmark for this and this standard is predicted to continue for atleast a few more years. HDR or High Dynamic Range is an image encoding format that produces better colors and contrast on-screen.

Sound Quality: The total sound output from this TV comes in at 20 Watts. The speakers feature a unique linen cloth screen. The company claims that Linen speakers help in improving the sound transmission and also improving the frequency range.

Smart TV Features: This M55S9A Metz TV has an Android OS which means that you have the Google Play Store available to download apps from. You can access media from various apps like Hotstar, Sony Liv, Alt Balaji etc using the Google Play Store. The TV also features Google Assistant on board to help with voice related discovery.

Warranty: To make an impact on the market, Metz is providing a 2 year warranty on the M55S9A TV.