The electronic market in India is always on the move. New brands and products

are launched on a daily basis. Finding trusted brands in such chaos can be a challenge

unless, we are talking about Visio World. Visio World is backed by one of the most well-researched local TV manufacturers in India. Let us learn more about the brand and why their TVs might be the right choice for you.

Visio World LED TVs – Historical Background

The brand Visio World is owned by Beston Skyvision Private Private Ltd. also known by their other popular brand name, Kevin Asia. The company was conceived in 1978, and has been consistently delivering cutting edge competition to the bigger players on the market. They conduct research and development, in house and their registered headquarters are in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The company had humble beginnings and was initially involved in small scale production of electronics goods. Today, the company boasts 55,000 square feet of research and development area. It has more than 150 loyal and hardworking employees and is always looking for opportunities to expand.

Visio World LED TVs – Manufacturing Profile

The company manufactures flagship level television panels and exceptional monitors. They mainly deal in LCD and LED technologies, though the market has lately shown more positive trends for the LED segment. They are an industry leader in flat panel LED TVs of sizes 20″ to 75″. The smart TVs are loaded with essential apps that make the purchases worthwhile. More on this later.

Visio World LED TVs – Make In India

The company focuses on the latest initiative of the Government of India and keeps in line with the Make In India scheme. All product research and development are conducted within India as well as manufacturing and assembling of the finished products. This is one of the top reasons for many consumers to invest in the brand, as the brand is deeply invested in giving back to the community through economic support and by means of sales.

Visio World LED TVs – Motto

The company operates with a business policy of “Quality first, Customer foremost”. This enables them to focus on quality rather than quantity. This is why the brand has never invested in a lot of different models for TVs or monitors, rather they offer a limited number of solid TV models that are at par with the industry standards and give a steep competition to its rivals.

Beston Skyvision has become a name synonymous with perfection in the local scale. The company is committed to providing for the most demanding customers and leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of its goals. Its multiple product offerings and dedicated support make it one of the best OEMs in the industry.

Visio World LED TVs – Sales Presence

Although the brand is available for purchase worldwide, it is currently only partnered with Amazon. This simply means their televisions are available for purchase on . While this may be a bit disheartening for some, they do have exciting offers and EMI options available at Amazon, so it is definitely worth considering.

Visio World LED TVs – Models

The brand has multiple products listed on Amazon. They currently have 24″ to 40″ models listed. There are multiple models available in each of the sizes to fit the exact needs of the different types of customers. Let us look at the models in more detail.

Visio World VW32S

Visio World 32 S Television

Top features

  • HD Ready (1368×768)
  • 60 hertz refresh rate
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • Blu Ray player compatible
  • Connects to most set top boxes
Pros Cons
IPE picture quality Latest OS updates not released
Upto 2 USB ports to connect extra media devices Mounting brackets not provided
Cinema Zoom Multiple video formats not supported
16.7 million colours supported
Wireless headphone control
Built in WiFi

The television is perfect for rooms of moderate sizes and sports a high quality panel. It can be the perfect piece for the living or the guest rooms. The 32 inch panel can support a wide variety of colours so watching sports and animal documentaries will surely have a totally different meaning on this piece.The television is absolutely recommended for couples, retired couples and even bachelor's who are looking to connect to PC and deliver presentations during lectures. The PC connectivity makes it very easy to do so.

Visio World VW40S

Visio World 40 S Television

Top features

  • 20 watts sound output
  • High fidelity box speakers
  • Wide viewing angle
  • A plus grade panel
  • Super slim bezels
Pros Cons
IPE picture quality Latest OS updates not released
WiFi built in Does not support eshare mirroring
Screen mirroring available
M-cast ready
Android based OS

The VW40S can be considered the elder brother of VW32S the two sets have minor differences apart from the very noticeable 8 inch screen size buff. The larger screen size makes the TV much more suitable for the bedroom where movies and shows can be enjoyed with much more depth. The TV comes with an Android based OS which enables us to download apps from the android OS store also. All in all this can be a great purchase!

Visio World VW24A

Visio World 24 A Television

Top features

  • HD ready panel
  • in -built box speakers
  • True colours display
  • 1 year warranty
  • A+ Grade panel
Pros Cons
Value for money Included remote has limited function
Great after sales service Doesn't support multiple OTT apps
Loud volume speakers
Clean, modern look
Fully concealed power button

This is a budget TV offering from Visio World. It is perfect for single bachelors or roommates who are short on their budget but are still looking for a great picture quality. The smaller form factor also makes it perfect for business settings such as placing it in a corporate office or in a dentist's office. It can also be a great choice for binge watching documentaries as the panel is HD ready. The sleek bezels give it a modern look which is hard to find in the market in this price segment. Overall the television offers a great value for money and should be seriously considered for purchase.

Visio World VW32A

Visio World 32 A Television

Top features

  • Powerful stereo output
  • Blu ray players supported
  • Slim bezels
  • Cinema mode
  • VGA port
Pros Cons
HD ready TV Remote connectivity issues
Eco display technology Mounting stand not included
Wide viewing angles
Supports most gaming consoles
8 milliseconds fast response time

This is yet another budget offering by VIsio World. We can clearly see the brand experimenting with different market segments as they already have a TV in the 32" range. The main difference between the VW32S and VW32A are the android OS. The VW32S supports the android OS and is therefore priced at a higher MRP. This TV however does not support the smart. It can still be a solid choice for those who are looking for a gorgeous panel with sharp colour accuracy and fast refresh rates. These features also make this TV an awesome gaming monitor where one can connect it to practically any gaming console.

Visio World VW32PRO

Visio World 32 PRO Television

Top Features

  • Built in Wifi
  • Upto 2 USB ports
  • Full Android OS based
  • 16.7 million colors supported
  • Wireless headphone control
Pros Cons
60 hertz refresh rate No screen mirroring
HD resolution Thicker bezels
2 HDMI ports
Power Audio
Music equalizer

The television is a PRO series model by Visio World. This 32" model is the entry level model of the PRO series. The PRO series by Visio World is known for its multifaceted use case nature. The television can work in pretty much any setting. Set it up for top class gaming with any console and top class refresh rates. Enjoy the best documentaries on nature and enjoy top class sports with the wide viewing angles and the millions of supported colours. Amp up the movie scene with the powerful and deep sounding speakers. Such features make the product extremely desirable and a perfect television for most purposes.

Visio World VW24S

Top features

  • HDMI port
  • Eco vision technology
  • Wireless headphone control
  • Cinema mode
  • Supports wide array of colours
Pros Cons
Supports blu ray players Mounting brackets sold separately
Perfect for fast paced gaming Modest sound with the box speakers
Connects to windows and mac computers
Screen mirroring supported
Perfect for formal settings

The Visio World VW24S is the perfect companion for small homes. The television is a popular choice among those looking for a great picture quality on a smaller canvas in a limited budget. The television supports most leading gaming consoles which makes it a great choice for gaming in family gatherings. The TV also boasts PC connectivity so it can also handle any presentations or such that one might want to make.. Overall, the TV is a perfect choice for most settings and should be seriously considered for purchase. Interested parties should also note the wide palette of colours supported by the TV. This leads to incredible picture quality when paired with its HD ready a+ grade panel. One should definitely consider this TV as it is one of the best offerings on the market in the given price range.

Visio World FAQ

Where is Visio India TV brand headquartered?

The brand is headquartered at A-51, Sector 63 Rd, A Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

What other brands does Visio TV brand have?

Visio TV brand also owns Kaizen Asia TV brand which deals in high performance consumer televisions.

How many models does Visio TV have?

Visio TV currently offers 6 splendid models for sale.

Is Visio TV a good brand?

Visio TV has been in business since 1978, and has been consistently giving positive results. It is a popular choice among the consumers.

Is Visio TV made in India or China?

Visio TV brand is fully based in India and the products are made in India.

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