Mi LED Televisions India

Mi TVs India – Introduction

Product NameScreen SizeCheck on AmazonCheck on Flipkart
Mi LED TV 4 PRO (55)55 inches
Mi LED TV 4A PRO (43)43 inches
Mi LED TV 4X (50)50 inchesNot Available
Mi LED TV 4C PRO (32)32 inchesNot Available
Mi LED Smart TV 4A (40)40 inchesNot Available
Mi LED Smart TV 4X (43)43 inchesNot Available
Mi LED Smart TV 4X Pro (55)55 inchesNot Available
Mi LED Smart TV 4 Pro (55)55 inchesNot Available
Mi LED Smart TV 4X (65)65 inchesNot Available

Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing electronics brands in India today. After starting out with Smart phones, the company has quickly moved into other product categories like fitness bands, clothing and shoes, air purifiers and many others. While this may seem like the product range is all over the place, Xiaomi has been able to make a substantial dent in all of these categories. This is due to a high level of performance of the products coupled with aggressive pricing which makes it difficult for the consumer to say no.

Mi TVs India – Worlds thinnest Android TV – 55 inch

Mi TVs India - Mi LED Smart TV 4 Pro (55)

With this in mind, the launch of Mi LED TVs in India was one of the most anticipated product launches in recent times. As expected, the TVs pack a punch when it comes to performance specifications and are easy on the wallet. From what we know, they have not been as large a success as Xiaomi smart phones but have still held their own in a segment where price is not the only differentiator. TVs are a long term purchase for most households in India and apart from price, quality and reliability are key concerns for Indian consumers. In our article today apart from talking about the Mi TV models available and their feature set, we will also delve into the advantages and disadvantages of this TV so that you can have a better idea of whether this TV makes sense for you. So let’s get on with it.

Mi TVs India – Available Models

Mi TVs India – 65 inch Android TV

Mi TVs India - Mi LED Smart TV 4X (65)

Mi TVs India come in a screen size range between 32 – 65 inches. This is a wide enough range to satisfy most consumers. If you are looking for a TV which will last for a few years and adapt to various kind of homes, our recommendation is to get a TV no less than 55 inches. This size is sufficient for a large living room and not uncomfortable for smaller rooms either.

Mi has three different naming conventions for the TV models that they have available. These are the 4A series, the 4A Pro series and the 4X and 4X Pro series which has been launched recently and is being rolled out across different screen sizes currently. Lets look at what the differences between these series are.

Mi 4A, 4X TV series: The Mi 4 and 4A series are the most effective among the different models. They also have a more basic feature set compared to the other two series. The 4A series does not come in 4K display resolution (3840×2160). Instead the 4A series comes in Full HD (1920×1080). This is not a huge disadvantage since you can see the effects of 4K on your TV display only at a screen size of 55 inches and above. Currently, the 4A series is available for a screen size of 43 inches and below.

The other major feature difference in the 4A and 4X series is the TV operating system. The 4A series comes with an Android based operating system and not a fully Google certified Android operating system. The operating system on-board is called the Patchwall and has been created specifically for Mi TVs. The Patchwall OS is unique but is definitely not as polished and complete as the official Android TV operating system.

Mi 4A, 4X Pro TV series: The 4X series is the next release of the Mi TV product line. The 4X series comes with an improved Operating system and better sound output as compared to the 4A and 4A Pro series. The main difference between the 4X and the 4X Pro series is that the 4X Pro series has an Android TV Operating System on board which is Google certified. The 4X series meanwhile runs on an Android based operating system with Mi TVs Patchwall being the main operating system on-board.

Mi TVs India – Top Advantages

Mi TVs India – 55 inch Android TV -4X Pro

Mi TVs India - Mi LED Smart TV 4X Pro (55)

Display Technology:

The Mi LED TVs come with the latest generation graphics. This is currently known as the 7th generation graphics. This ensures that the picture delivered to your TV has the a great response time and almost no lag even with fast moving images like Sports or Action movies. The LED panel is also exceptionally bright and will ensure that you can enjoy movie theatre like picture quality at home. You can even dim down the lights and enjoy the images on your Mi TV.

At the higher screen sizes, the display panel is 4K ready. This means that the resolution of these TVs comes in at 3840×2160 pixels. 4K is the current best display standard commercially available. To view 4K content, you need a 4K compatible TV as well as 4K content. Today, most streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a good selection of 4K content available for you to view. Also to be noted is the point that the noticeable difference with 4K content is only visible for screen sizes of 55 inches and above. If you are planning on buying a TV which is of a lower size than this, then you should be OK with a full HD resolution as well (1280×720 pixels).

Smart TV Features:

Xiaomi is known for being an innovative company. They have innovated with the Mi brand of TVs as well. These Smart TVs feature a brand new Operating System which has been termed as the PatchWall Operating System. The Patchwall Smart TV Operating System is designed to let you find the content that you want as quickly as possible. Mi has also teamed up with a number of content providers like Voot, Sony Liv, Hungama and others to provide a smart content recommendation service to you right on the home screen of your TV. The best part about these content recommendations? About 80% of them are free to watch. So you will never run out of things to watch as the Patchwall system constantly learns what you like to watch and then makes recommendations accordingly.

Another cool feature of the Patchwall system is the Universal Search. Searching for a particular piece of content on your TV will show you where it is available, searching across all content apps at once. The Patchwall also allows you to switch between content from your content apps and your Set Top boxes like TATA Sky. This is a very useful feature considering that we consume a lot of content through the set top box even today.

An exciting feature available on Mi TVs which have an Android TV OS is that of the Google Assistant. You can use your remote control to activate Google Assistant and directly access any particular piece of content using voice commands. Since Patchwall is also integrated with Google Assistant, this functionality also extends to your set-top box. So this means that you can ask Google Assistant to play Zee Telugu HD on your TATA Sky set-top box by just using voice commands. Very cool indeed.

Mi LED TV 4 PRO (55)

Mi TVs India - Mi LED TV 4 PRO (55)

On-board Hardware and Connectivity:

Mi TVs come with an impressive set of hardware and a good number of connectivity options. The Mi TV 4A has a 64-bit quad core Amlogic processor. This computing power comes with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of storage to ensure you never run out of space for downloading apps on your TV. 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity will ensure that you will be able to connect any and all compatible devices to your Mi TV. Bigger screen sizes also have an additonal USB and S/PDIF port that allows more connectiviity configurations.

The Mi TV comes with a simplified remote control. The remote has only 11 buttons to make it very easy to use. You can also of course download the Android TV remote control app on your phone to control your TV directly from your phone as well.

Mi TVs India – Top DisAdvantages

No Netflix:

The biggest disadvantage of the Mi TV series of products is that Netflix is still not available as a native app on the TV. Of course you can use your phone to cast content from the Netflix app onto your TV but this is not as smooth as having the app on your TV. This is a deficiency that we hope Mi is able to address quickly as it sticks out like a sore thumb from an otherwise great TV viewing experience.

Mi TVs India – Conclusion

We hope this provides you with a solid introduction to the Mi TV line of products available in India. We have a lot of content related to Mi TVs on our website so make sure to look around to get more information about what you are looking for.