Metz LED TVs

Metz TV – Introduction

Metz TV is one of the latest entrants into the crowded Indian LED Television market. The brand promises the latest technology coupled with a well known and respected German brand. The brand has entered into the Indian market with TV offerings in various sizes available. The currently available sizes are from 24 to 55 inches. The brand is currently available in India through an exclusive partnership with Amazon India. They are also one of the few manufacturers who have made an OLED TV available to Indian customers. OLED TVs are the next generational leap when it comes to TV display technology and very soon will become the first choice of consumers worldwide. To learn more about OLED TVs, read our OLED TV information guide. The OLED TV made available by Metz comes in a 55 inch screen size. Lets find out more about Metz offerings and the brand history. Check out all offerings from Metz on Amazon India.

Metz TV models available for purchase

Currently, Metz has 7 TVs available to purchase in India. Of these one of the models has OLED technology while the others are standard LED TVs. All the TVs except the 24 inch model are certified by Android and have Smart TV features available. The table below has a listing of all the currently available models. We will also look at the specifications of all the models in some more detail later.

Product NameScreen SizeCheck on Amazon
METZ 55 Inch OLED TV M55S9A55 inches
METZ 55 inches M55G255 inches
METZ 50 inches M50G250 inches
METZ 43 inches M43U243 inches
METZ 43 inches M43U243 inches
METZ 32 inches M32E632 inches
METZ 24 Inches M24E2A24 inches

Metz TV Specifications

The current set of available Metz TV all have very good specifications. Except the 24 inch model, all the TVs are Smart TVs and are Android certified. This means that the operating system on the TVs is constantly updated by Google and the responsibility of fixing any bugs also lies with them. This ensures that you will have the latest and highest performing operating system available on your TV at all times.

From a screen size of 43 inches onwards, all Metz TVs have 4K display resolution. 4K resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed on screen. 4K is the current latest technology and should be the gold standard for the next 3-5 years atleast. Also, apart from the 24 inch model, all the other Metz TVs also come with HDR support. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and makes the picture on your screen brighter and also provides more contrast.

Another thing to love about Metz TVs is that all TVs comes with a brand warranty of 2 years where your TV is protected against all kinds of manufacturing defects. This should provide significant peace of mind for users worried about a relatively unknown brand.

Let’s take a look at a summary table of the specifications for all Metz TVs available today. We have also included columns for the number of HDMI and USB ports available. You will notice that for the 43 inch and above models, 3 HDMI ports are available. This is great and makes life very convenient if you want to use a Set Top Box and a streaming device like a Chromecase or Fire Stick.

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Metz is one of the few manufacturers in India who are offering an OLED TV. The OLED TV model is M55S9A. This is a 55 inch TV and will cost you just over 1.1 Lakhs on Amazon today. So what is special about OLED Televisions? OLED TV is the latest and greatest display technology available today. LED TVs work by having LEDs on the side or on the back of a plasma screen. The light from these LEDs is then passed through multiple screens before you as the viewer can see it. The thing about LED TVs is that individual LEDs cannot be turned off. Hence portions of the screen which need to displayed as Black cannot be shown as completely black. Hence LED TVs are known as a transmissive display technology. OLED displays on the other hand are a category that is known as emissive display. Emissive displays like OLED can be turned on and off selectively. This is possible due to the thinness of the OLED panel. Due to this, parts of the OLED panel can be turned completely off. This leads to amazing contrast ratios and you will experience never before seen clarity on-screen.

As with all new technologies though, there are still some things that need to be ironed out. OLED TVs are known to have shorter lifespans than LED TVs. This however is changing rapidly and newer OLED TVs are almost on par with LED TVs when it comes to quality and lifespan. Another drawback is that OLED TVs can get really expensive, especially when the screen size is larger. You would have noticed that the price of the Metz M559A is about twice as much as comparable LED TVs. This might not change rapidly, however do expect costs to come down in the future.

The Metz M55S9A comes with 4K display technology. It has HDR support and is a Smart TV with Android certification. Another specialty of Metz TVs is that the speaker comes with a linen cloth screen. The cloth screen provides more natural sound with better consistency, especially at lower frequencies. While the hardware on this OLED TV is fantastic, the software is still catching up. You might want to consider purchasing a streaming device to go along with this TV as well.

Metz availability on Flipkart

Metz TVs are currently exclusive available on Amazon India. The products are not yet listed on Flipkart and there is no clarity on when they will be listed there. Our opinion is that you should see them being available on Flipkart in the next few months.

Metz Electronics- Official Indian Website

This is the official website of Metz TVs India.

Metz – Brand and Company History

As a company, the Metz brand has a long and successful history. The company Metz was founded by Paul Metz in 1938. Till 2014, it was one of only three companies which was manufacturing Televisions in Germany. Metz released its range of LCD TVs in 2005. The product line was a huge success and gathered multiple awards in 2006. However Metz was not able to sustain its success and he company filed for bankruptcy in 2014. The TV business was taken over by the Chinese electronics manufacturer Skyworth. The current Metz TVs available in India are manufactured by Skyworth and utilize the Metz branding.

Metz TV – Conclusion

Metz has been one of Germany’s top electronics brands for a long time. Today, they have products with great specifications available at a very reasonable price in India. They are also one of the few manufacturers who have OLED TVs available. The company meanwhile has been taken by the Chinese electronics manufacturer SkyWorth. We hope that the brand continues to maintain its quality in its new avatar.