Rarely is there any food more common than rice; it is a global staple. But there’s a boggling question on your head. Can dogs eat rice? YES, rice can be consumed by dogs and can be a part of their regular diet.

Dogs can eat rice, and it is mostly found in organic or vegan dog food as an ingredient. It is actually a better alternative to reduced nutrient fillers that are found in commercial pet foods.

Can Dogs eat White Rice?

Rice is a great grain choice and is fortified with riboflavin, vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium. It’s perfect for injured dogs, and overall you should use white rice as a source of strength and nutrition in your dog’s diet. White rice is a convenient choice because it is smooth enough not to require much chewing, given that dogs also like to eat up their food without chewing. White rice is much easier to eat, and its structure is smoother relative to brown rice.

Since it cooks quicker and is cheaper compared to brown rice, white rice a convenient choice.

Should I add any seasoning to rice for my dog?

While it is advised not to add any seasoning like Salt and Pepper to the rice, few items will increase the nutritional content of the rice. Herbs like Basil are beneficial for dogs. It comes with anti-bacterial properties, protects the liver, and reduces pain & inflammation. Coriander leaves are also great for detoxifying the body. It is anti-diarrheal and alleviates nausea. Other seasonings that can be added are – Fennel, Ginger, Cinnamon, Oregano, Parsley & Turmeric. All these come with Anti- Bacterial, Anti-inflammatory properties. Adding these in small amounts will prove beneficial for the dog.

How much rice can I feed my dog?

Cooked brown or white rice is suitable for your dog’s eating. It would help if you fed it to your dog when it’s plain or mix it with your dog’s daily food. As much as it’s healthy for your dog, moderation is the key when it comes to rice. Rice is a pure carbohydrate and dogs need a lot of protein and fat to maintain optimum health. The best way to feed the dog with rice is in small amounts.

Are there any side effects of feeding rice to my dog?

There are no serious side effects of feeding rice to your dog. You should follow the usual precautions of making sure to wash the rice thoroughly before cooking it and making sure that the rice that you have procured is of good quality.

The biggest side effect of rice consumption can be that you could be making your dog overweight since Rice has a lot of carbohydrates which can lead to weight gain. For your canine companion, large portions of rice are not healthy. Excess rice may also cause digestive problems or a bloated stomach.


Rice is suitable for your dog, and it is an ingredient in several commercial dog food products. Rice has more nutrients than commercial dog food with fillers. Moderation is necessary while including white rice in the dog’s diet. Rice works very well when combined with vegetables, meats, or other classes of food. White Rice is completely OK to feed to your dog in moderate quantities.

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