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Best Overall: The Pets Company Dog Rope Leash

This rope style leash from the pets company is a great mix of quality and value. The leash is made of nylon webbing that ensures that you wont get a jerk if your dog pulls suddenly. The materials are high quality and the product is made in India. For the quality, this is a very reasonably priced item.

Best Leather: Skora Genuine Leather Dog Leash

This leash from Skora is made of genuine leather. Leather is a fantastic material for leashes as it is durable and also elastic which reduces the force transmission to your hands.

Best Metal: pet zone India Metal Dog Leash

For dogs that love to chew on their leash, a metallic one can be the best option. This chrome plated leash from pet zone will ensure that your precious pet does not chew through yet another leash.

Best Splurge: EzyDog CUJO Shock Absorbing Leash

If you dont mind spending a pretty penny for getting the best, this Cujo shock absorbing leash from Ezydog is a great option. It is made of a bungee cord that has great elasticity. The pyramid handle reduces strain on the hand and with its high breaking strength, even the strongest dogs will not be able to break it.

Best Retractable: Smarty Pet Retractable Dog Leash

A retractable leash gives you much more control over how far your pet can go from you. This is especially useful when you are walking around in urban environments and have to ensure that your dog does not invade other peoples personal space. This retractable leash from Smarty Pet is a very affordable retractable leash with a simple lock/unlock mechanism to control the leash length.

Best Dual: WuliC Dual Dog Leash

If you have more than one dog, then you know how frustrating it can be to take them both out for a walk at the same time. With the WuliC dual dog leash however, walks can become much more pleasant. The leash cord has an anti tangle design and the bungee cord section will ensure that your hand is protected from sudden shocks.

Best Value: Foodie Puppies Nylon Red Cord

This cotton leash from Foodie Puppies is a great value buy. While being very very affordable it is also durable and strong and can be used for dogs of all sizes. With cotton construction, it is durable and washable as well.

Best Overall – The Pets Company Dog Rope Leash

This Nylon rope style leash from the Pets Company will definitely make walking with your dog more pleasant. The rope style leash will ensure that jerks from your pet pulling on the leash are not directly transmitted to your hand. The leash is 4.5 feet long and this should be enough for most curious dogs. The leash can also be handwashed when it gets dirty. Finally, we really like the fact that this leash from the Pets company is made in India. It is a high quality product made at an affordable price.

Best Leather – Skora Genuine Leather Dog Leash

Leather is a great material for dog leashes. While being extremely durable, leather is also a natural material so it has elasticity that reduces any jerks from your dog pulling on the lead. This genuine leather leash from Skora is 7 feet long and half an inch wide. It has a metallic clip to attach to your dogs collar. The leather near the hand grip and the attaching buckle is braided to ensure maximum strength.

Best Metal – pet zone India Metal Dog Leash

This 4 foot long metallic leash is a great options for dogs who are fond of chewing through their leashes. The chain is made of chrome plated steel which ensures that it will not rust or break over time. The leash handle is made from PU leather to ensure a comfortable grip as you take your dog on walks. Metal leashes of course have the disadvantage of transferring all force directly to your hand and arm. Sometimes metallic leashes are the only option for hyperactive dogs however, and this one from pet zone is a great leash for that.

Best Splurge – EzyDog CUJO Shock Absorbing Leash

This EzyDog Cujo shock absorbing leash is definitely not cheap. For the price however, you get an internationally acclaimed product. There are many things to like about this leash. First is its cord which has a section that is made of bungee cord material. This ensures maximum elasticity and reduces any shocks from your dog moving around suddenly. Next is the pyramid handle that distributes the force evenly to your hands reducing wrist and shoulder strain. Finally, there leash cord itself has reflective threads woven into it to provide good visibility in low light conditions.

Best Retractable – Smarty Pet Retractable Dog Leash

This retractable leash from Smarty Pet is a great option for small dogs that weigh up to 10 kgs. The leash comes encased in an ABS casing and the leash cord is thin and durable. The handle on the leash case ensures that you can comfortably grip it with one hand. A single button on the leash case makes it easy to lock and unlock the leash cord. The cord itself is 8 feet long giving your dog enough distance to go exploring on their own.

Best Dual – WuliC Dual Dog Leash

Taking two dogs out for a walk at the same time can be a real ordeal as they can pull in different directions, get their leashes tangled up and cause sudden shocks to your arm when they pull determinedly. All of these problems are innovatively solved by the WuliC dual dog leash. This leash can extend upto 6.5 feet ensuring that your dogs have enough space to roam and explore. The cord comes in two sections with the second section being detachable. This means that you can use the leash for 1 or 2 dogs as your prefer. The second section is made of bungee cord which protects your arm from sudden shocks. The most innovative part of the design is the fact that the second section of the cord can rotate freely around the first which means that there is less tangling of the cords as your dogs move around. While not very cheap, this is a high quality dual dog leash.

Best Value – Foodie Puppies Nylon Red Cord

This cotton fiber leash from Foodie Puppies is a great value option for your dog. Made of cotton, this leash can be be used in all conditions and is not susceptible to UV damage like Nylon can be. The natural material also provides elasticity that shields your hands from shocks. The leash is about 5 feet long and can be used for dogs of various sizes.

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