Best Pet Car Seat Cover in India

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Best Overall: KOZI PET Dog Bed

This back seat cover from Kozi Pet wins our vote as the best pet car seat cover in India. With full protection on all sides, it will even cover your car doors from any accidental scratching by your dog. The clear window and fully waterproof fabric are great features as well.

Best MultiPurpose: Fluffy’s Waterproof Car Seat

This waterproof car seat from Fluffy’s can be used in three different configurations. Being waterproof, you can even wash or hose it down if it gets too dirty. With good construction and straps, it can take the weight of large dogs easily.

Best Hammock Style: Comfy Hammock Dog Seat Protector

Taking pets along in your car can be a difficult experience for them. This hammock style dog seat protector will help them in adjusting to traveling better. As a dog parent, it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your car will be protected in case of any spills or discharge

Best Back Seat Protector: AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover

This AmazonBasics Waterproof seat cover is an inexpensive and effective way to protect your cars back seat on short trips with your pet. It will cover the back rest and seat completely and protect your car against scratches, fur and dog dander.

Best Value: Petslover Car Seat Cover

This back seat cover from the Pets Lover brand provides a hammock style back seat cover at a very attractive price. The material is non slip rubber which ensures that your dog will be comfortable on the seat through the journey.

Best Front Seat Cover: Kozi Pet Front Seat Cover

If you prefer to have your dog in the front seat of your car when you travel, then this Front Seat Cover from Kozi Pet is a great option. It covers the front seat fully and gives your pet a stable base during car journey. The 4 layered fabric will protect your car from any accidental scratches and damage.

Best for Cargo Compartment: Petslover Rear Seat Cover

Best Overall – KOZI PET Dog Bed

This Kozi Pet Dog pet is a great accessory if you are taking your dog on a long drive. This seat cover will effectively cover the full back seat. There is a clear window that lets you look into the back seat and see what your pet is up to. The coverage extends on the sides as well to ensure that your car doors are also protected against scratches. There are storage pockets in the cover available as well. The seat cover is durable enough to take the weight of large dogs as well. The fabric is waterproof as well to protect against accidental spills and discharges

Best MultiPurpose – Fluffy’s Waterproof Hammock

This seat protector from Fluffy’s is the best multipurpose pet seat cover available today. It is versatile enough to be used as a rear set cover, a hammock style rear seat rest for your dog or as a liner for the cargo compartment of the car if you plan to transport your pet there. Fluffy’s has made the product available for different car types so you can choose one based on the car that you have. Being fully waterproof, you can even hose it off if your dog gets it too dirty. The material and straps are strong enough to take the weight of large dogs like goldens and labs.

Best Hammock Style – Comfy Hammock Dog Seat Protector

This rear seat protector from Comfy is our choice for the best hammoc style dog seat protector in India. When used as a hammock style seat protector, it will protect your rear seats, the back console and the back of the front seats as well. The quilted fabric has a 2MM filling to keep your pet comfortable during journeys. The entire cover is machine washable and thus very easy to clean. This seat protector from Comfy is available in a single size but should be big enough to cover most hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs.

Best Back Seat Protector – AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover

This back seat protector from AmazonBasics is the best bench style seat cover available today. Made from durable polyester material, it is completely waterproof to protect against spills and liquids. The cover is large enough to fit SUVs as well. It can be installed by placing the two headrest loops over the backseat and then using the seat anchor and elastic straps. There are openings available for the seat belt to still be used.

Best Value – Petslover Car Seat Cover

This back seat hammock style cover is available at a great price and is very good value for money. The back seat cover is designed to take the weight of large dogs. The material is made of non slip rubber so that your pet does not slide around when you are driving. There are side flaps available to ensure that your car doors are also protected from any accidental scratches. The entire cover can be directly placed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Best Front Seat Cover – Kozi Pet Front Seat Cover

In case you like to travel with your pet on the front seat, this front seat cover from Kozi pet is a very useful accessory. The seat is made of quilted fabric to ensure that your dog cannot scratch your car seat. The front seat is covered well with a three sided skirt. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or can even be directly put in the washing machine. This seat cover is sure to protect your car from dirt, pet hair and dander.

Best for Trunk Compartment – Petslover Rear Seat Cover

If you have a large car trunk, it might make sense to transport your dog in it while driving. This cover from Petslover is specially designed for car trunks. It can be used with the last row of seats folded or unfolded. It attaches to the headrest of the last row of seats and provides a cushioned surface for your pet to sit on. The material is a 4-layered and quilted. The outer layers are waterproof to ensure that your car is protected against any accidental spills.

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