These are the best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair in India

Panasonic Nanoe Best Overall
Braun HD580 Most Powerful
CARRERA 531 Best Professional
Havells HD3251 Best Portable
Dyson Supersonic Best Splurge
AGARO HD-1150 Best Budget

For fine hair, the biggest danger while using hair dryers is heat damage. You also need to ensure that hair is not blown out of the brush when being dried. For these specific reasons, you need a hair dryer that has low heat and low speed settings. At the same time, the volume of air coming through the hair dryer must be adequate to provide good drying and volume. Having a cold drying setting is also very useful.

Our list today will give you the best hair dryers in India which are fantastic for fine hair. While all of these hair dryers are great, you might prefer a specific one based on its price or features.

Best Overall – Panasonic Nanoe

Nanoe is the latest technology from Panasonic for hair dryers. Nanoe is an improvement over ionic hair dryers. Nanoe technology pulls in moisture from the air and infuses it into nanoe particles which can carry up to 1000 times the moisture that regular ions can. This ensures that your hair will not be left dry and frizzy after use which is main worry for fine hair. In addition, the ions from Nanoe will give your hair protection against Ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The Nanoe hair dryer comes with three temperature settings and two different speed settings. There are two different nozzle attachments available – the Set Nozzle and the quick dry nozzle. The total power output of this hair dryer is 1600 Watts which makes it a mid range hair dryer. The reason why we think its the best hair dryer for fine hair is the nanoe technology. This has two main benefits – first is that your hair gets moisturized by the nanoe particles and secondly, the nanoe particles also combat static electricity and provide UV protection.

With all of these features the Nanoe hair dryer is still small enough to be easily portable. It is foldable and therefore easy to carry with you to the gym or on short trips.

Most Powerful - Braun HD580

The total power output of the Braun HD580 is 2500 which makes it the most powerful hair dryer on our list. At the same time, its special features ensure that it remains a great option for fine hair. The HD580 has five different speed settings providing you with ample choice for your needs. This hair dryer features charged ions which help in combating static electricity that can create frizz.

There is also the speacial feature of Cold Shot which releases a blast of cold air. This helps in setting your hair in place for longer. With its powerful 2500W output, the Braun HD580 is a great choice for quick drying of fine hair. Another thing about this device that we liked is the fact that it comes with a long cord of almost 1.7 meters.

Best Professional - CARRERA 531

Carerra is a well known and respected product that is frequently used in professional salons and beauty parlors. The Carerra 531 is a great choice for fine hair. It comes with two different speed and three heat settings. In addition, there is a cool shot option available which sends a blast of cold hair for long lasting setting.

The total power output of this hair dryer is an impressive 2400 Watts. However, the entire unit is on the slightly heavier side and weighs just over 600 grams. There are two accessories provided with the hair dryer, a diffuser and a styling comb. Another nice feature which is great for fine hair is the fact that the air flow is infused with Argan oil and Keratin. This will ensure that there is no damage to your hair from drying. The air flow is also ionized to prevent the build-up of static electricity.

Best Portable - Havells HD3251

Havells has managed to fit in a lot of features in this portable hair dryer. The HD3251 has an impressive 1600 Watts of power and is foldable for easy portability. There are three different heat settings available - Hot, Warm and Cold. There are two speed settings and you also get the option of Cool Shot. The air flow is ionic which prevents the build up of static electricity in your hair.

One of the drawbacks of this hair dryer is that it does not come with a concentrator nozzle which is a must have accessory especially for mens hair. In all other aspects this is a high quality portable hair dryer for anyone with fine hair.

Best Splurge - Dyson Supersonic

Dyson products are best in class in all categories that they enter into. It is no different with hair dryers as well. The Dyson SuperSonic is a class apart and if you dont mind splurging on its price, it is a very good hair dryer for fine hair. The heat settings on this hair dryer are extremely precise. The four settings are

  • Fast Drying - 100 C
  • Regular Drying - 80 C
  • Gentle Drying - 60 C
  • Constant Cold - 28 C

Dyson uses a patented technology called Air Multiplier. This technology was patented for fans initially and is also used in the SuperSonic hairdryer. The styling attachments available with this hair dryer make it convenient for all hair types. For fine hair especially, Dyson has an attachment called the Gentle air. This diffuses the air and creates a more gentle air flow that will ensure that fine hair does not get damaged. All the attachments available with this hair dryer are magnetic which makes them very easy to use.

Best Budget - AGARO HD-1150

The Agaro HD-1150 hair dryer is available for a fraction of the cost of bigger brand names and yet provides a very similar feature set. There are three different temperature settings and two different speed settings which can be independently controlled. A dedicated cool shot button is present for when you need it. The airflow is ionic to prevent frizzing and static.

There are two styling accessories included - a diffuser and a concentrator for specific styling needs. In case of over-heating, there is an auto shut-off feature available as well.

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