What is QLED TV Technology?

What is QLED TV Technology?

What is QLED TV technology?

Samsung QLED TV India
Samsung QLED TV

QLED stands for Quantum-Dot Light Emitting Diode technology. As you might predict from the name, QLED is an improvement upon LED display technology. QLED adds an additional layer of Quantum Dot technology to improve the picture quality of LED TVs

How does QLED technology work?

A QLED TV has an array of LEDs, similar to an LED television. What is different is that right after the LEDs, there is a layer or film of quantum dots. The tiny particles or quantum dots as they are called emit an individual color of their own. Manufacturers like Samsung claim that the Quantum dots make their TVs capable of producing over a billion colors.

Advantages of a QLED TV

If you currently have an LED TV that has HDR capability, you would have noticed that the picture is darker when an HDR video is playing. HDR requires your TV panel to be sufficiently bright to display the pictures correctly. Quantum Dot technology has the capability to be really bright and this augurs well as most content is moving to the HDR format.

Frequently asked questions about QLED

Which is better: QLED or LED?

QLED is an iteration of current LED TV technology while OLED is a revolutionary disruptive technology in TV display like LED was a couple of decades ago when it displaced Cathode Ray Tube technology. In terms of which is better, picture quality is indisputably better with OLED as compared with QLED TVs. QLED TVs are currently better when it comes to overall panel brightness and there are still some questions over the durability and cost of OLED TVs. Do read our article on OLED TV technology for more information about OLEDs.

Objectively however, we would have to say the OLED TVs are better than QLED TVs currently.

Which manufacturers make QLED TVs?

QLED technology was pioneered by Samsung and they remain one of the largest manufacturers of QLED TVs. Apart from Samsung, TCL and Hisense have joined the QLED bandwagon.

What is the QLED alliance?

The term QLED has been exclusively trademarked by Samsung. Samsung joined forces with TCL and Hisense to create the QLED alliance to promote QLED technology. Under the agreement, TCL and Hisense have been allowed to use the ‘QLED TV’ marketing term.

Is QLED better than 4K?

QLED and 4K are fundamentally different display parameters. 4K refers to the resolution of the TV which is measured in pixels. 4K refers to the display resolution of either 3840×2160 or 4096×2160. Since the number of horizontal pixels is around 4000, the display is termed as 4K.

QLED refers to the display technology where a film of quantum dots is placed ahead of the lighted LEDs which provide the backlight for an LED television. These Quantum dots are capable of producing over a Billion different colors and can greatly increase the color and brightness response of a regular LED television.

What is the difference between QLED and LED?

Both LED and QLED televisions use an array of LEDs to provide the backlight for the TV. This light is then filtered through multiple screens and filters which produces the final image. In a QLED TV, there is a film containing Quantum Dots available after the LEDs which is capable of producing upto a billion colors.

Who invented QLED technology?

The first manufacturer who used Quantum dots commercially in their TVs was Sony which trademarked the technology as TriLuminous. Samsung was the first manufacturer to use the term QLED. Today, Samsung, TCL and Hisense are part of the QLED alliance to produce and market QLED TVs.