If you work from home a lot, then it is a very good idea to invest in a quality office chair. A good office chair can help in maintaining the right posture, preventing different repetitive stress injuries and improve your productivity. Lets talk about the different factors you should consider before purchasing an office chair for your home.

Tilt Adjustment

Tilt adjustment is one of the most important feature in a quality office chair. Based on your energy levels and what you are doing on your work desk, you might want to sit ramrod straight or might want to tilt the chair back slightly to lean back. After work hours, an office chair with a good amount of tilt can also be used for just lounging about. Before you get your office chair, check that it has the option to tilt the back and also check how far back it can be tilted.

Height Adjustment

Having the ability to adjust different dimensions of your home office chair is very important and one of the most important ones in this is the height adjustment. If you have a large monitor on your work desk, you might want to focus on different parts of it during the day. Being able to adjust the height of your office chair is very helpful for this. Plus, you might want different heights while you are working and a different one for when you are on video calls.

Arm Rests – Quality and Adjustment

Another very important factor in office chair is the presence of arm rests. For those of us who work on computers for very long hours, having arm rests is absolutely essential for comfortably using the keyboard and mouse. If there is one thing I think you you should not compromise on when it comes to an office chair, I would say it is the presence of an arm rest.

The second thing to look out for regarding arm rests is to check whether the arm rests are adjustable and can be moved up or down. When the arm rests are at their full height, you might not be able to slide your chair close to you desk as the arm rest might get in the way. It is also important to be able to adjust the arm rests since you will be needing different heights for different height settings of the chair itself. It is recommended to have your wrists neutral as you use the computer and you should be able to adjust the armrests to achieve this.

Back Rest – Padding and Materials

The next thing to look at is the material and padding used for the back of the chair. As you lean back on the chair, you need to be sure that the back has adequate padding and support to be used for long hours. Some chairs come with mesh back which make the material breathable and provide good comfort in hot conditions. If temperature is not an issue, you can also consider a padded faux leather or rexine material for the chair back. This provides more cushioning than a mesh back.

Another thing to look for is the shape of the chair back. Good office chairs are shaped to mimic the shape of our spine. This provides the most back support and prevents any back pain arising from improper load on the spine. Chairs with an absolutely straight back are not good in this regard as they are not comfortable to lean against for long periods of time.

Seat – Size and Comfort

The next thing to consider is the seat of the chair. First, you should ensure that the seat is large enough to be comfortable. It is absolutely not fun to slide over the side of a chair whose seat is too small. Also, the seat of a chair can also be too wide. While sitting in a wide seat is no problem, it can get difficult to use the armrests on such a chair.

Mobility – Casters and their Quality

Another thing to consider is the casters that come with the chair. You want to make sure that they are of high quality. Low quality casters can be sticky and not very useful. On the other hand, you also do not want wheels that slide at the slightest movement. This can be very disruptive while working.

Ease of Assembly

Finally, if you are getting the office chair for your home, you should also check if its possible to assemble the chair by yourself at home. While some chairs come with free home assembly included, many do not. Its not that difficult to assemble the chair yourself however, just that you will need basic tools like a screwdriver and patience to follow the instructions.

Office Chair Buying Guide – Wrap Up

So that was our quick guide to selecting an office chair for working from home. Please let us know if you have any questions or other thoughts in the comments.

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