Hair Drying Fine Hair – what you should know

Getting a good blowout is a great way to add volume to hair. When it comes to fine and silky hair however, it is easy to damage the fine strands, especially if you apply a higher amount of heat. For this reason, there are a few factors to consider when you are looking for a hair dryer for fine hair. For more details, check out our list of the best hair dryers for fine hair.

Adjustable Heat and Speed are necessary for fine hair

One of the biggest reasons for hair damage from drying is the usage of very high heat. For fine hair especially, high hair can dry out your hair and make it frizzy very quickly. To combat this, it is is recommended to use the hair dryer on a higher speed setting and to reduce the heat. So when you are looking for a hair dryer for your fine hair, make sure to get one which has independent settings for heat and speed. Some hair dryers have just one adjustment which increases/decreases both the heat and speed at once.

Charged Ions are great for Combating Frizz

Using a hair dryer can cause the build-up of static electricity in your hair which can be annoying and can also cause your hair to become frizzy. Most high end hair dryers for fine hair today feature a stream of air that is infused with charged particles called ions. These ions help in combating the build up of static electricity in your hair and help in keeping it smooth.

Cool Shot is a great feature for Fine Hair

Many hair dryers are now coming up with the feature of Cool Shot. Cool Shot is a feature which sends a blast of cool air into your hair. Cool air is great for setting your style in place once your hair has dried. For fine hair especially, it can be very useful to lock in the volume after you have styled your hair. This will prevent your hair from flying away in slight gusts of wind.

Get the Nozzle Attachment for sure

A nozzle attachment is a godsend when it comes to drying fine hair. The nozzle helps in directing the air in a concentrated stream to your roots which gives them lift and bounce. While most hair dryers include this by default, do ensure that the hair dryer you purchase definitely has it.

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