Vibration Plate Buying Guide India

Vibration plates are a new way of getting fit faster. A vibration plate consists of a motor that produces vibrations or oscillations on a plate. You can perform various exercises on this vibrating platform. The benefit of the vibration is that your muscles are forced to contract by the vibrations passing through them. This makes them expend more energy that you would with regular exercise. As a result, your muscles are forced to work harder, which burns more calories during exercise.

Since a larger number of muscles are also recruited while you use the vibration plate, there is greater muscle growth that is stimulated. With greater muscle growth, your resting metabolic rate will also increase leading to faster weight loss. In fact, vibration plates are only of the very few devices which have been tested in strict clinical studies and have been shown to have proven medical benefits. Some of the benefits that vibration machines provide are

  • Weight loss and fat reduction
  • Improvement in strength and balance
  • Reduction in back pain

Vibration Machines – Type of Machines Available

There are two main kind of vibration machines available for home use today. These are

  • Oscillating Vibration Machines
  • 3 Plane Vibration Machines

Oscillating Vibration Machines

In oscillating vibration machines, the vibration plate moves in a see-saw motion at a high speed. As you perform exercises like Push-ups, squats, lunges, or any other exercise with your body weight on the plate, your body has to adjust to the fast motion of the vibration plate. This activates tiny stabilizer and supporter muscles in your body along with the large muscles that are involved in the main exercise movement. Your balance and stability will also improve by using an oscillating vibration machine.

Oscillating vibration machines are by far the most common vibration machine available for home use in India today. They are usually very portable and affordable.

3 Plane Vibration Machines

As the name, suggests, a 3 plane vibration machine provides motion in all 3 planes of movement. So they go side to side, up and down as well as backwards and forwards. Your muscles will get a seriously challenging workout when you do any exercises on a 3 plane vibration machine.

These 3 plane vibration platforms however are much more expensive as compared to just oscillating machines. They need to have a large motor underneath to provide all three kinds of motion. As a result, you might find these machines more often in gyms than at homes. If you are serious about your fitness though, they might be a great investment.

Things to look for in a vibration machine

There are a few factors to consider before purchaing a vibration machine for your home.

  • Size and Ease of Storage
  • Additional Attachments
  • Warranty and Brand Name

First thing to look at is the size of the product. The main things you should be looking at are the size of the vibration platform and the total floor space occupied. You want to make sure that you are able to comfortably stand on the platform for performing various exercises. At the same time, the entire device must be compact enough for you to be able to store it easily. Under the bed is usually a good choice for storing vibration plate machines.

Next up, take a look if the vibration machine is offering any additional attachments for exercise. This usually includes some resistance tubing that is attached to the platform for oscillation machines. You can of course get additional attachments yourself but having them present already makes it easier to get started. Also look for the speeds at which the platform can oscillate and the different exercise modes available. You want to make sure that the device is beginner friendly and can be challening enough for when you advance in your fitness.

Finally, do check on the brand name and warranty of the product that you are purchasing. There are many brands which are cheap Chinese imports which will not last for long so you will be better off purchasing a quality product that might cost a bit more initially.

Vibration Plate Fitness Machine – Conclusion

Hopefully, this quick buying guide has given you some useful information about vibration plates and what you should look for before purchasing one. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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