Treadmill Buying Guide India

Treadmills are a great piece of equipment for cardio workouts. Many serious runners practice for long distances like marathons entirely using treadmills. Todays treadmills come with numerous features like having an incline/decline, having advanced features like heart rate monitoring and many other. We will attempt to list out the most important factors you should consider before purchasing your next treadmill.

Treadmill Buying Guide – what to look for

There are a few questions you should ask before your purchase your next treadmill. They are a big investment and do take up a lot of space so getting the wrong one can become an expensive mistake.

Intensity of Usage

The first thing to think about is how often you will use the treadmill and how intensely you will use it. Think about the number of times a week you will use the treadmill as well as whether you plan to walk or run on it. Depending on this, you can choose between a lightweight treadmill that can be used occasionally for walking vs a treadmill that you will frequently use to run on.

For running, you will also need a longer belt to ensure that you can run naturally on the treadmill. For just walking, a shorter belt will also do.

Incline Function

Advanced treadmills today come with the incline function that simulates running up a hill. This is a very useful to increase the intensity of your workout without having to increase the speed of running. In fact incline walking or running is one of the most effective ways of getting your heartrate up without stressing your joints too. This is however an advanced feature for treadmills so you will have to check if the treadmill you are considering has it.

Manual vs Motorized Treadmill

I would say 99% of treadmills available to purchase are motorized. There are also manual treadmills available. These devices run on your own power where you have to walk to make the belt move. It is generally agreed that manual treadmills with curved belts are a very good option for cardiovascular exercise. However, these devices are generally very expensive and might not be a good choice as a starter treadmill.

Ease of Storage

Treadmills do take up a lot of space so when you are looking at potential treadmills to purchase do check the amount of floor space that the device takes up as well the storage options. Many treadmills do fold up where the belt can be raised to save floor space.

On-board features

Most treadmills feature a mini computer and a display on-board to provide statistics related to your exercise. These can be as simple as showing the speed, distance and time covered to as advanced as setting up different fitness programs and remembering your previous workouts.

Many treadmills also feature integration with heart rate monitors so that you can monitor your heart rate and check if you are in the fat burning zone. Newer treadmills also come equipped with a display screen where you can listen to music, watch Netflix and even read a book using the Kindle. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose between devices based on their on-board features.

Motor and Noise

The motor on a treadmill is responsible for the movement of the belt. The most important specificiation for the motor on a treadmill is the amount of horsepower that it can produce. You should be looking to get a device that has a horsepower of at least 1.5. The other thing to check is the maximum speed that it is able to produce. In general, a treadmill should be able to go up to 10mph. Also do check on the amount of sound that the treadmill produces. Motors can be noisy and quiet ones tend to be more expensive.

Treadmill Buying Guide – How much should you spend?

Based on current prices, I would estimate that you might need to spend around 15,000 INR for purchasing a good treadmill. Of course, prices can go much higher but at 15,000 you can get a good starter treadmill that can get you going on your fitness journey.

Treadmill Buying Guide – Wrap Up

So that was our quick guide to buying a new treadmill in India. I hope it was useful to you. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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