Grip Strengthener Buying Guide India

You might not think of grip strengtheners as being a typical fitness device. However, having a strong grip can not only help in being better at the gym with exercises like pull-ups and deadlifts but it can also help in performing other activities in regular life. Imaging lifting heavy bags of groceries for example or carrying a gas cylinder. Many of our day to day activities require the use of grip strength and forearms. Of course, you can improve your grip strength through exercising in the gym as well. Exercises like deadlifts, pullups and farmers walks are excellent ways to build up your grip strength.

Grip strengtheners are a portable and comfortable way to improve your grip strength even when you are not at the gym. They are available in two main varieties. The first and more common variety is where you crush two handles in your palms. This works the big muscles in your forearms and improves overall grip strength.

The second variety is the finger strengthener where you use the tips of your fingers to push down against resistance. This helps in improving the strength in individual fingers and is used more for strengthening for specific activities like playing the guitar or mountain climbing where strong fingers are required.

Lets look at some important points you should know before buying a grip strengthener.

What to look for in a Grip Strengthener

Here are a few things you should look at before purchasing your grip strengthener

Finger Gripper vs Forearm Gripper

The first thing to decide is whether you want to get a forearm strengthener or a finger gripper. Both are very different in terms of what muscles are used. A grip strengthener uses the large muscles in your forearms and makes it easier to lift heavier weights while you are at the gym. A finger strengthener improves the ability of your fingers to squeeze. This is valuable in specific activities like playing guitar and mountain climbing.

Choose the right kind of gripper based on your specific requirement.

Adjustable vs Fixed Resistance

The next thing to decide is whether you want a fixed resistance gripper or one where the resistance is adjustable. While starting out, you might want to get a fixed resistance gripper. Once you get strong enough, then you can consider getting an adjustable one or one with much higher resistance.

Overall, I would recommend adjustable grippers to everyone. Even though they cost more initially, the adjustability means that you can the gripper at various intensity levels depending on what kind of workout you want to get.

Easy to Hold

The last thing to check on your grip strengthener is whether it has a comfortable and secure grip. The handles for these devices are either made of plastic, wood or metal. In all cases, you should make sure that it is comfortable to be held for a while and also will not slip out easily. I find that contoured plastic provides the most comfortable and secure grip. Metallic grips can hurt your palms if used for a long time and wooden grips can tend to get slippery.

Grip Strengthener Buying Guide – Wrap Up

That was our quick buying guide to purchasing a grip strengthener. They are a great tool to get your grip and forearms strong which can be a valuable asset in the gym and in regular life as well. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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