Exercise Bike Buying Guide India

Despite the recent explosion of Peloton exercise bikes, the stationary exercise bike has been around for a very long time as an exercise tool. They are a convenient and easy way to get exercise done. The exercise bike will tone up your legs and exercise your lungs depending on the intensity at which you use it. Today, lets talk about the various factors you should consider before purchasing one for your home.

Type of Exercise Bikes Available

There are a few different type of indoor exercise bikes available for purchase today. The main categories are

  • Upright exercise bike
  • Recumbent exercise bike
  • Spin Bikes (Peloton Style)
  • Air Bikes or Assault bikes

Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright exercise bikes are the oldest and the most common type of indoor exercise bike available today. In an upright exercise bike, your posture is similar to that on a cycle with your body held mostly upright. Upright bikes are used to provide a medium intensity of exercise. These bikes will have a way to control the intensity of your exercise session, usually via a knob on the bike itself.

Most upright bikes also have a display that will show the distance you have biked, the time, the calories burned and so on. These are the most traditional kind of exercise bikes and are usually available at very reasonable prices.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbed exercise bikes have a vastly different posture from other type of exercise bikes. In a recumbend bike, the pedals are placed much ahead of your seat, with your upper body leaning slightly backwards. The seat is more like a chair than a bicylcle seat and therefore much more comfortable.

Recumbent bikes are great for someone who does not like the feeling of sitting on a cycle for too long. Your butt will definitely be less sore and your lower back will have lesser stress. Due to these qualities, recumbent bikes are often used by atheletes who are in rehab for sports injuries or anyone who is suffering from lower back pain. Modern recumbent bikes have all sorts of gadgetry on them and can provide a very good leg workout.

Spin Bikes (Peloton Style)

Spin bikes are a newer kind of exercise bike where the experience is meant to be as close to riding a real speed bike as possible. The handlebars are set in a way that you have bend forwards. The flywheel is also designed in a way such that you have to exert force even to stop the pedals. This is exactly the way a real bike works. The combination of the flywheel and the posture means that you can perform intense workouts on the spin bikes.

With their setup however, spin bikes might not be everyones cup of tea and their forward posture can cause stress on the lower back.

Air Assault Bikes

Air assault bikes are the newest invention in helping us get our cardio. Air assault bikes include handlebars which can be pulled and pushed while you are also pedaling away on the bike. The air in the bike comes from the fact that resistance to the pedaling and pulling comes from a fan in the machine which produces a variable amount of resistance.

Air assault bikes can burn a ton of calories in a very short amount of time. As a result, they are used in elite fitness competitions like Crossfit. If you have the experience, they can be a very good tool in keeping and maintaining your fitness.

Main Considerations while buying an exercise bike

There are a few things you should keep in mind while purchasing an exercise bike for your home.

How intense a work out do you want?

While upright and recumbent exercise bikes are good for general fitness purposes, a spin bike or an air assault bike are more advanced and can really get your blood pumping. The first thing to consider is what sort of use do you want to get out of the exercise bike? If it is light cardio to maintain your fitness, an upright bike should do fine. If you have lower back issues and want to do a workout that is not very challenging, a recumbent bike may be the right option. Finally, spin bikes and air assault bikes are for advanced fitness goals.

What is your budget for the exercise bike?

In general, the cost of various exercise bikes follows this order

  • Upright exercise bike
  • Recumbent exercise bike
  • Spin Bikes (Peloton Style)
  • Air Bikes or Assault bikes

Spin bikes and air bikes can get very expensive since their machinery is more complicated. Upright exercise bikes are the cheapest to purchase among all 4.

How much space do you have at home?

If you are short on floor space in your home, it might be a good idea to get an exercise bike that is easy to store. Many exercise bikes are foldable or can be flattened to slide under a bed. This is less likely for spin bikes and air assault bikes so do check before you purchase one.

Maximum Weight and Adjustability

An important thing to check is the maximum weight that can be supported by the bike. It is also a good idea to get a bike which is able to support a weight more than that of anyone at home. Another important factor is to ensure that the seat and handlebars of the exercise can be adjusted. Being in the right posture while you use the exercise bike will ensure that you do not pick up any injuries or strain from using it.

Exercise Bike Buying Guide – Wrap Up

So this was our quick introduction to the different types of exercise bikes available for home use in India today. We have listed out a few important factors to keep in mind before you purchase your exercise bike. Do let us know what you think!

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