Best Headphones under 500 in India for 2021

Lets talk about the best headphones under 500 today. While 500 does not seem like a lot of money, you can actually get a decent set of headphones for this price. While you will mostly get in-ear options only, we have also included an on-ear headphones option as well.

JBL C50HI Best Overall
boAt Bassheads 102 Most Stylish
AmazonBasics Most Durable
Xiaomi Redmi Best Value
boAt Bassheads 152 Best Bass
Philips SHE1505BK/94 Best Budget
Motorola Pace 100 Best Features
Samsung EHS64 Best for Phone Calls
Boult Audio BassBuds X1 Best for Exercise
Sketchfab 3.5mm Best On-Ear

While there are a lot of options even at this very low price point, we have taken care to ensure that choose only the best headphones under 500 for you. These headphones have been chosen for their sound quality, their ergonomics, durability and features.

Best Overall – JBL C50HI

JBL is a very well known name when it comes to audio technology. I am actually surprised that these C50HI earphones are available at such a low price. They feature powerful 8.6mm drivers that provides very good bass. In addition, also available is an in-line microphone with a universal remote control that works well for both Android and iOS phones.

You can also use voice assistants like Google Assistant with a single long press of the remote on your Android devices. The wire is not braided/tangle free. However the product is quite durable and will last for a long time.

Most Stylish - boAt Bassheads 102

boAt is quickly making a name for itself as a maker of stylish audio accessories. Their Bassheads range is affordable and stylish. I like the design of the earbuds for these Bassheads 102 which are flat at the end giving them a very modern look. They are available in funky colors which are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

boAt provides a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase on these earphones. These headphones also have an in-line mic along with a multifunction button. The drivers on the Bassheads 102 are 8mm and provide very good bass.

Most Durable - AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics has the mission of providing low cost and high quality products across a number of product categories. These in-ear headphones from AmazonBasics are a no-nonsense device with good construction and sound quality. The earphones come with three different ear tips for customization. There is an in-line mic and multi-function button available as well.

The headphone cord is almost 4 feet long which means that you will not get the earphones yanked out of your ear. The 3.5mm jack is gold plated for providing good audio connectivity. Available in two simple colors - black and white, these are earphones for consumers who look for quality first rather than brand names.

Best Value - Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi are known to make really high quality products. Their earphones which earlier used to be bundled with their phones have become so popular that they are now sold as standalone devices. These Redmi hi-res earphones provide fantastic audio quality at a really good price which is why we have rated them as the best value headphones under 500 in India.

The cord on these headphones is extra long and is over 4 feet. Available in 3 stylish colors - blue, black and red, these headphones are certified for producing high resolution audio by the Japan Audio Society. There are multiple great features on these headphones. They feature an anti-earwax mesh which ensures that they stay clean. They are extremely lightweight and weigh only 13 grams in total. These earphones also have an in-line mic and multi-function button available.

Best Bass - boAt Bassheads 152

The boAt Basseheads just make it to this list and are the most expensive headphones in the sub 500 range. However, for this price, they provide excellent sound quality especially when it comes to bass. In addition, you get a braided anti-tangle cable that makes them very easy to handle. The headphones are finished in a metallic style and come in bright and catchy colors.

The 3.5mm jack is angled and gold plated for easy attachment. While part of the cable is braided, the unbraided part is where the in-line mic and multifunction button is available. This improves the quality of phone calls on these headphones. The design of the earbuds ensures that they will not fall out of your ears.

Best Budget - Philips SHE1505BK/94

Philips have been world leaders in sound technology for a long time now. These in-ear headphones from Philips are inexpensive but dont let that fool you. Their sound quality matches up to more expensive brands easily. The sound quality has a good balance between bass, treble and mids with none of them overpowering each other.

There is an integrated microphone and call button available on the headphones. The speaker driver is of 10mm and the length of the cord is around 4 feet. Overall, a very good purchase for a very low price.

Best Features - Motorola Pace 100

The Motorola Pace 100 is one of the few headphones available at this price which has a direct integration with Alexa. Motorola has upped their game when it comes to technology lately and the Pace 100 is a good example of this. These headphones have an in-built microphone and a multi-function button which can be used for Alexa.

The Pace 100 has pretty good bass coming from its 10 mm driver. The cord is 4 feet long and the slightly thick cables will ensure that they dont tangle easily.

Best for Phone Calls - Samsung EHS64

Samsung's earphones which used to be bundled with their phones are so good that they have now started them selling as standalone units. These EHS64 earphones are fantastic for anyone who needs a good set of headphones which also work well for phone calls.

The in-built microphone is of very high quality and there are buttons for both volume control and picking up/disconnecting calls. This makes taking calls a completely hands free experience. The headphones are designed to reduce the fatigue of having earphones on for too long and are soft and comfortable.

Best for Exercise - Boult Audio BassBuds X1

While working out, you need headphones that will not fall out easily. Enter the Boult Audio BassBuds X1. They come with an inner ear fin which provides extra grip in your ears to ensure that they dont fall out as you are working out or running. The cables of these headphones are really strong and are re-inforced with Kevlar which means that they will definitely not break easily.

There is a condenser microphone available in-line which makes taking calls a breeze. The multi function button can also be used to Activate Google Assistant or Siri. The earbuds themselves have a nice matte finish which makes them quite snazzy looking.

Best On-Ear - Sketchfab 3.5mm

There are not too many options available when it comes to on-ear headphones at this price point. Sketchfab however have done a great job and their Extra bass headphones are a good budget buy. The earcups are nice and cushioned and the cord has a flat design which makes it less likely to tangle.

Compared to in-ear headphones these on-ear headphones from Sketchfab will deliver more bass. The length of the headphones is adjustable to fit most head sizes.

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