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Maybe it is global warming or maybe its our cities which have now turned into urban jungles. Whatever maybe the reason there is no doubting the fact that air conditioners are becoming more and more of a necessity in most of urban India. Even places which have been known for their pleasant and salubrious climate all year round like Bangalore are now increasingly requiring home air conditing, especially in the summer.

Given that the summer of 2020 is fast approaching, this is the best time for your friendly experts at India5best to dive into the topic of air conditioners and help you make sense of the products available in the market today, how you should make your decision and which are the best products available for you to purchase.

So lets dive straight in and talk all things air conditioners. First lets talk about the different classifications of air conditioners available.

Inverter vs Non Inverter Air Conditioners

The first major classification is on the basis of the technology available. Inverter Air Conditioners have been around for a while now and the technology has made a huge difference when it comes to the quality of cooling and the cost savings that can be realized due to this improved technology. Inverter Air Conditioners work on the same principle as regular air conditioners. What is different about them is the compressor in inverter air conditioners can operate at varying speeds based on the required load. So if you have just switched on your air conditioner to obtain a desired temperature of 21C when the outside temperature is at 35C, then rest assured the compressor will work at full speed until the temperature is attained. Once the required temperature has been attained, the compressor then switches to a lower speed which reduces the power consumption.

In contrast, a non inverter air conditioner can only operate at two speeds, either at full speed or at zero. This means that the temperature in your room will fluctuate between a certain range. This does not happen with an inverter air conditioner.

We could go on about the differences but you should just check out our article on inverter air conditioners which explains in detail what inverter air conditioners are and what are the key differences between inverter and non inverter air conditioners.

How do air conditioners work?
How do air conditioners work?

Window vs Split Air Conditioners

The other major classification of air conditioners can be done basis their form factor. Window Air conditioners and Split air conditioners are the two main type of household air conditioners. There are other types like tower and cassette air conditioners as well but these are not commonly used in a home setting.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditoner
Window air conditoner

As their name implies, window air conditioners can be easily fit into a slot which resembles a window. A window air conditioner is a single unit with cool air being sent into the room from one end while the other end which is placed outside the room releases heat into the outside atmosphere. Window air conditioners were the most common air conditioner type for a very long time, until that is they were replaced by split air conditioners.

Split Air Conditioners

Split Air Conditioner
Split Air Conditioner

Split air conditioners are so called because they are split up into two different units. One unit which produces the cold air and is placed inside the room while the other unit is placed in an outside environment and releases the captured heat into the atmosphere there. The main advantage of a split air conditioning unit is its size. The indoor unit is compact and can be placed on any convenient surface within the room. Most users opt to put the unit on a wall so that it does not use up floor space.

Split air conditioners are also quieter in operation since one of the units is placed outside the room. These are some of the reasons why split air conditioners have gained in popularity recently.